About Us

Serenity Lakeview Farms takes pride in getting plants and handmade home decor to their new homes in the best condition possible. We grow and build with love, we pack with care, and we really do want to see them thrive! I always tell folks "we may not always get it perfect - but we really do try our best to bring quality plants and beautiful art to the world at the most affordable prices we can." 

We rarely sell cuttings. Most plants have been rooted in a high quality sphagnum moss, so they will have strong feeder roots and arrive as happy as we can make them! 


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Inventory updates are done weekly (most of the time). Usually on Thursday or Friday - We will work towards making this a scheduled thing, but for now just check in on Fridays to see whats new!




Serenity Lakeview Farms - Ridgeway, SC


(704) 851-6024