Refund/Return Policies
Live Plants/Bath and Body Products
Due to the nature of plants and bath products returns on orders are just not possible unless the wrong product was shipped or other circumstances within our control. If a refund is needed, the item MUST be returned to us. 
As temperatures cool, we do offer heat packs! Additionally, we can ship your order on any date that works best for temps in your area, just add this information to your order. 
If there are concerns about your order after arrival, please send us a message within 24 hours after receipt. We highly recommend that all plants shipped in a moss pot are allowed to rest in that pot for 1 to 2 weeks after shipping so that the plant does not experience two stressors at once. If the plant is removed from this pot, it will no longer be eligible for any return or refund, as the plant will be under too much stress to ship back. IF for any reason you feel the plant does need to be removed, please let us know what is going on prior to unpotting the plant!
 We do not use pesticides on plants that are outdoors in warm months due to the danger to bees. We do utilize biological controls (Lacewings, predatory mites, lady bugs, etc), and systemics on the indoor plants. We inspect and rinse all plants to ensure that you do not get any hitchhikers (good or bad), but it is possible for one to sneak by! While this is extremely rare, if it does happen with your please feel free to let us know. 
All plant are from cuttings off of our parent stock. Unless otherwise stated, ALL plants posted are rooted. You may see some old dead roots in addition to the new root system - this is ok! Unless it is mush, we plant these ugly roots because a lot of the time while they are ugly and look dead, new root will sprout off of them - BUT we can visibly see NEW root growth on all plants before we post them as available for sale. 
Wood and Ceramic Decor
Please let us know if any concerns about your order on arrival! Returns/refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis. 
We ship orders on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturdays. We typically ship the next shipping date following when the order was placed! For live plants, we may hold orders for better weather conditions - especially if weather is below 40 at night on our end and the plant did not include a heat pack. In this event, we will ship on the next safest date, or contact you if safe shipping dates cannot be determined in the near future. PLEASE let us know if there are weather concerns on your end, or if you need for us to ship a specific date!
We work hard to pack your orders with love, and to ship the way we would want to receive them. But, we understand that things happen in transit that are beyond our control. We are not responsible for damages due to shipping delays, incorrect addresses on your payment method, temperatures during shipping, loss,  breakage due to crushed boxes, or stress to plants that resulted from being shipped.  In the event of a broken item, please let us know! We will help complete the required insurance information with the postal carrier to complete a refund for you.
Serenity Lakeview Farms will never sell your personal information, period. All information gathered on orders is strictly for our use to fulfill your order.
By purchasing from our online store, you have acknowledged agreement to the policies above.